Design Competition


Orlando, Florida, USA


Full Sail University


Grout McTavish Architecture

Brad McTavish (Principal) 

Full Sail University is an advanced Digital and Media Art University located in Orlando’s Winter Park District. The college campus contains the central administrative offices, university library, academic buildings, including a production backlot with more than 110 studios and production environments providing advanced education for 16,000 students.

Comprised of a series of converted shopping and office complexes the goal of the campus masterplan was to create a central student plaza and student resource centre that knits the current disparate buildings together to create a new campus commons.

The signature sails of the university iconography were given form in the shape of the student centre and central green plaza, featuring U2’s iconic touring stage ‘the Claw” which forms a central hub for student life while introducing green technologies and wetland management to the campus’ current concrete plazas and detention ponds.

The student centre was designed to accommodate meeting rooms, a recruitment centre and common area under a sloping green roof that will act s to cool the interior from the hot Florida sun while providing nesting areas for birds and an ampitherae for the performance plaza below.

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