Seattle, WA




Grout McTavish Architecture

Clive Grout (Principal) , Brad McTavish (Principal) 

This prototypical new coffee concept was developed as a model for future locations and designed to be a focus on the communities they serve and act as catalysts for the support and promotion of the local music scene of the Pacific Northwest.   Combining music , hand made guitars and fine coffee in one setting makes the Storyville brand unique amongst its market place not only for the places they create but for the profits they return to support various education and social programs in the coffee growing regions they source their beans.

The concepts for the stores are based on the flagship store located on Bainbridge Island and was developed around the aesthetic  of the iconic DC-3 aircraft and the guitars that are displayed and sold within the venue. Colours, materials and design concepts were developed to highlight the 1940’s era style  of the aircraft, while paying homage to the handcrafted quality of the custom-made guitars through the use of custom fabricated barista centres, fireplaces and performance areas designed around a converted 1950’s era hardware store. Each element of this  coffee and music experience was treated as a stage for performance and  placed within the  heavy timber vaulted space to allows for the deeper reaches of the building to be opened up to the views of the main street while making a more approachable relationship between the coffee hub and the performance areas located in the rear.

Based on this prototypical store three new locations were developed and built within the greater Seattle area with plans for a future nation wide role out now being considered.

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